The Best Photo Booth Props


Top 10 Best Photo Booth Props

 Here is a list of the top 10 best photo booth props to use for your photo booth:


Best Photo Booth Props Display

Top 10 Best Photo Booth Props

1.Sunglasses -Sunglasses at night, the ultimate photo booth fashion statement (and 80’s song!)

2.Funny Hats – Policeman’s hat, construction helmet, sailors hat, Pirate’s hat, Indian headdress, Viking Helmet… just to name a few.

3.Boas – release the inner diva in your wedding guests!

4.Mustaches – Everyone wants to sport a cool Tom Selleck style stache or a Duck Dynasty Beard. So why not let them!

5.Chalkboards – Let your guests get creative and write you funny and touching messages.

6.Random Items – Some of the funniest photos we’ve seen are when guests pick up a random item (or person) from the event and include it in their photo booth photo shoot.

7.Wigs – Clown wigs, Punk Rock Pink wig, Cher anyone?

8.Empty Picture Frames – Have your guests act like they are in a portrait.

9.Word Bubbles/Thought Bubbles – Dry Erase Type. The funny things your guests will think and say in the photo booth!

10.Cardboard Cut-outs of the Bride & Groom – This will require a little work but this way everyone will get to have their picture taken with you in the photo booth on your big day.

For a birthday party – sure…go nuts with the props. But for a wedding, minimal props is the way to go.  Your guests are dressed to the nines already. So choose wisely and be careful of your selections. Because you wouldn’t want a Prop Sign that you would use during a Frat Party at a Christian Wedding.

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