Back to School with Front Row Photo Booth

Back-to-school time is here! Don’t get mad! Summer was lovely, but there’s nothing quite like the excitement of going back to school. Don’t try to act like you’re too… Cool for school. OK, I’m done. A back to school photo booth rental at your next party or new student orientation is the perfect way to start the new school year.

All the sports games, dances, and homecoming activities provide the perfect setting for having a photo booth! Why should you have a photo booth at your school’s next dance/homecoming event/game? Allow us to give you a few reasons.

  • Photo booths are fun. They just are. This is a proven fact. Researchers at Harvard University found that the level of enjoyment and overall pleasure of an experience increases significantly and exponentially when a photo booth is present. OK, so that part we exaggerated.

But seriously…

Photo booths are a great study break. Coming back from another mindless and sun-filled summer to a rigorous routine of syllabi, textbooks, notes, presentations, quizzes, midterms, (are we stressing you out, yet?) can almost be a little intimidating and draining. Having a school photo booth at your school function can completely eradicate any stress students may already be feeling from the school year.

  • Front Row offers great deals, customizable packages, and fun themed props for whatever theme your school function is! Halloween dance? Boom. Halloween-themed props. Want a half hour of idle time? You got it. Don’t want our social media station (even though it’s super rad to email yourself pictures you just took 20 seconds ago) Absolutely. We make it incredibly easy for you so that your photo booth fun is exactly the way you want it!

Imagine how excited your staff and students would be because you had a photo booth outside the entrance to your football stadium or basketball court! High School and College is the perfect time to make memories, and having a photo strip or two to commemorate your senior year is a wonderful reminder of your time in school. And not only will they have a keepsake memory photo in addition they can share it on their social media.

 To find out more information about our packages and pricing, send us an email with your event details. We’re looking forward to another school year!

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