Finding your Maid of Honor

So for you, our creative and funny friend, we’ve searched far and wide for the best ways to ask that special someone to stand beside you on your wedding day.  Here are the Top 15 of all time:

1.     I am depending on you to make my Pinterest wedding a reality! Will you be my Maid of Honor?

2.     If I promise there will be no bows on the butt, ugly colors, puffy sleeves…will you be my bridesmaid?

3.     Obviously you’re going to be my bridesmaid (so try and act surprised with I ask).

4.     He’s marrying me, but he’s stuck with US.

5.     Something borrowed, something blue, but most of all, I’ll need you!

6.     I found my mister, but I still need my sister!

7.     Shit just got real.  Will you be my bridesmaid?

8.     They say I’ll need someone to hold my dress up when I have to pee.

9.     Soon you will be my sister…. Until then, will you be my bridesmaid?

10.   Will you be there for me when I lose my shit?

11.   Nope, not doing this without you.

12.   You’ve stood by me through thick and thin, and I need you there when I marry him.

13.   On my wedding day I’m going to need someone to make sure I don’t ugly cry.  That would be you, maid of honor.

14.   You’re like really pretty. Will you try not to look prettier than me on my wedding day? Also, I need you to be my Maid of Honor.

15.   Gurl, please! Obviously you’re going to be my maid of Honor and no that wasn’t a question.

Happy wedding planning!

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