Why a Wedding Photo Booth is a BIG hit

When it comes to providing entertainment at any type of event, it seems as though we’ve seen a number of different fads come and go over the years – especially for weddings. However, one particular trend that has managed to stay afloat is the fun and amazing photo booth. Today, it seems as though you can’t even go to a wedding reception without seeing a booth and let’s face it, if there isn’t one, you’re kind of disappointed.


So what is it that makes the photo booth so much fun? Well for one thing, they’re extremely entertaining! Just think about it for a second, who doesn’t get excited over the prospect of walking into a photo booth and letting loose for a little bit? Some may claim that they have no interest in having their picture taken. But after a few glasses of Champagne they’ll soon change their mind and be the first ones in line for the photo booth! Plus when you factor in all of the great props for your guests to choose from, it’s a no brainer!

Not only will your guests have a fantastic time, but they’ll also be left with a memorable photo strip of their time to take home with them. This is a very simple, maintenance free wedding favor that your guest will love much more than some chocolates in a wrapper! Also included in our packages, the Bride and Groom will receive a duplicate strip of each photo from the reception.

Between the laughter coming from behind the curtain of the photo booth along with the stories that you get to relive through these multi-image photographs. Your photo booth will leave absolutely everyone with the best memories of your special day! Call us today for more information on how you can reserve our photo booth for your wedding!

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