Back to School with Front Row Photo Booth

Back-to-school time is here! Don’t get mad! Summer was lovely, but there’s nothing quite like the excitement of going back to school. Don’t try to act like you’re too… Cool for school. OK, I’m done. A back to school photo booth rental at your next party or new student orientation is the perfect way to start the new school year.

All the sports games, dances, and homecoming activities provide the perfect setting for having a photo booth! Why should you have a photo booth at your school’s next dance/homecoming event/game? Allow us to give you a few reasons.

  • Photo booths are fun. They just are. This is a proven fact. Researchers at Harvard University found that the level of enjoyment and overall pleasure of an experience increases significantly and exponentially when a photo booth is present. OK, so that part we exaggerated.

But seriously…

Photo booths are a great study break. Coming back from another mindless and sun-filled summer to a rigorous routine of syllabi, textbooks, notes, presentations, quizzes, midterms, (are we stressing you out, yet?) can almost be a little intimidating and draining. Having a school photo booth at your school function can completely eradicate any stress students may already be feeling from the school year.

  • Front Row offers great deals, customizable packages, and fun themed props for whatever theme your school function is! Halloween dance? Boom. Halloween-themed props. Want a half hour of idle time? You got it. Don’t want our social media station (even though it’s super rad to email yourself pictures you just took 20 seconds ago) Absolutely. We make it incredibly easy for you so that your photo booth fun is exactly the way you want it!

Imagine how excited your staff and students would be because you had a photo booth outside the entrance to your football stadium or basketball court! High School and College is the perfect time to make memories, and having a photo strip or two to commemorate your senior year is a wonderful reminder of your time in school. And not only will they have a keepsake memory photo in addition they can share it on their social media.

 To find out more information about our packages and pricing, send us an email with your event details. We’re looking forward to another school year!

Event Photography Checklist

5 top items on an Event Photography Checklist

Each time we’re hired to photograph an event, we provide our Event Photography Checklist to the client. It is essential that we ask our client for a shot list. In essence, a shot list entails all of the essential moments or things that absolutely need to be photographed. A shot list is just as crucial for a corporate event as it is for a Wedding. In my experience, 7 times out of 10, an event coordinator won’t have a shot list in mind. Event photos are important to multiple stakeholders, from the sponsors who want to see how their investment paid off, to the event attendees who likely would love a photo recap of the evening. Even if our client doesn’t hand us a specific shot list, we have a basic shot list in mind as a guide for shooting every event.
1. The event setup.
While odds are lots of planning and money went into how the event is structured and set up. Whether it’s a red carpet with a photo backdrop, a food buffet, or booths with vendors, you want to ensure that photos are captured of the event even before the attendees arrive. If you can, try to arrange a big group photo of all of the event staff either before or after the event. As an added bonus, these pre-event shots require the photographer to show up early, allowing for the perfect time to meet with the event coordinators, security officials, and other people that can dictate how the event will be run. This is a great time for photographers to try arranging exclusive access to areas of the event where great shots might be had later on.
2. Sponsor shots.
Most events today will have at least one corporate sponsor who donated money, products, or services to the event. It’s important to capture images of the sponsor donations both by themselves, such as product shot or a group shot of the sponsor representatives, and shots of event attendees interacting with the sponsor’s product or services. These shots will be valuable to the event’s marketing team who will later be able to show the sponsor how worthwhile their donation was.
3. Candid shots.
Once the event gets going, there will likely be swarms of people all around, allowing for numerous photo opportunities. As the photographer, we try to capture a wide variety of candid shots that will illustrate the vibe of the event. Getting photos of people interacting with booths and vendors, sampling food, and having a good time with each other. Close up shots are great, and also include some wide angle shots that show the size and scope of the event. We also try to arrange access to a higher vantage point for a bird’s eye view always makes for unique photos! In the end, we make sure the final photos are flattering and include lots of smiling faces, as you always want to show it was a positive and exciting event.
4. Group shots.
We approach people at the event and asking them to pose for photos. Event attendees will be more than happy to pose and may even hand us their own cameras to capture the group photo. While these images may not feel very creative from a photography standpoint, most event coordinators love to see images of people smiling and looking directly into the camera. Sometimes, the event coordinator may even ask us to record the names of each person that is photographed for use in any publications used.
5. Event signage and programs.
Everything from signs, literature, gift bags and prizes are important pieces of the event story that should be captured. Some of these might be related to sponsor shots, or they may simply serve as memorabilia shots. Either way, we are sure to get photos of all of the event activities. And this one is sure to be on the Event Photography Checklist.

10 Reasons to have an InstaPics Photo Booth at your Wedding

Top 10 Reasons to have a Photo Booth at your Wedding

If you are thinking about having a photo booth at your wedding, you probably know how much fun they can be and how they are a great way to entertain you and your guests.
Here is a list of the Top 10 Reasons why having our InstaPics Photo Booth at your wedding will make a huge difference than your average Photo Booth.

#1 Photo Quality

While your guests are all taking pictures throughout the night, having fun in the booth, and getting goofy, you’d expect nothing less. And then, when they receive their photo strips, their hearts sink, looking at a grainy photo, poor lighting and downright awful photo quality. Whether you want to believe it or not, some photo booth companies use webcams or poor digital cameras and low grade printers.

But not here with InstaPisc Photo Booth! We use only the best Professional grade cameras and lights around town. Hiring a photo booth should be the same as to hiring a photographer. Plus we bring backup equipment to eliminate any malfunction issues.

#2 Print Quality

The printers we use are professional grade printers capable of constant printing. We print 4×6 or two separate 2×3 photo strips in 13 seconds or less, which helps make the lines go by quickly and efficiently. Imagine other photo booths, taking poor photos and pair it with a slow, low grade printers, you only have impatient guests waiting and waiting and waiting for their already ugly photos.

#3 Personalized Photo Strips

One thing we like to do is create individual, personalized photo strips for your wedding, corporate event, holiday party, family party, school dance or school reunion. Whatever theme you have for your event, we will do our best to represent that well in the photo strip design.

#4 Stand Up Photo Booth

One downside of many other photo booths is the fact that you can’t hardly fit anyone into the booth itself. When you only have one seat to share with multiple people, it’s not nearly as fun. Our booth can fit at least five or six comfortably, and if you’re really looking to squeeze and snuggle in close, you can fit up to 12! How’s that for a large amount of fun?!

#5 Private Online Photo Gallery

The fun you and your guests have in the photo booth isn’t meant for the whole world to have access to. We want to make sure the pictures taken from the event are only accessible by those who participated in the photo booth. At the bottom of each photo strip, we put on our website and password to your event, so you and your guests are later able to download the high quality image for their own use.

#6 Digital Photos included

The pictures you take all evening long will be transferred onto a USB flash drive at the end of the night for you. You’ll have them for your own personal use, and to do use at your own disposal.

#7 Professionalism & Friendly Service

All of us at InstaPics want to make sure that you have the best experience possible when it comes to your photo booth. We want to bring the fun with us and do it all with a smile. Each photo booth comes with an attendant that is there to help you and your guests. Our goal is to bring the best costumer service with us and work with your venue to make sure your experience is second to none!

#8 Wide variety of Props

With the amount of props we bring, everyone will have something to wear, put on, or sport while in the photo booth. We have sunglasses, mustaches, hats, boas, rubber chickens, signs, and SO MUCH MORE. We understand that not everyone wants to put on a hat, or wear something on their face, so we do our best to make sure that everyone is accounted for and satisfied with their choices.

#9 All Included (no hidden fees)

We are up front with our costs. If you ever have a question about anything, our response rate is right there as well. All of our packages include UNLIMITED photo strips for you and your guests, all our props, USB drive of the pictures at the end of the night, standard idle time, and FREE set up and take down.

#10 Customized Options

If you’re wanting more our of your photo booth, we can make it happen. We have customized backdrops available, scrapbooking options, a vintage photo wall, custom frames, all of it! And if you have a cool idea of your own that we didn’t think of already, feel free to let us know and we’ll make it happen.

Finding your Maid of Honor

So for you, our creative and funny friend, we’ve searched far and wide for the best ways to ask that special someone to stand beside you on your wedding day.  Here are the Top 15 of all time:

1.     I am depending on you to make my Pinterest wedding a reality! Will you be my Maid of Honor?

2.     If I promise there will be no bows on the butt, ugly colors, puffy sleeves…will you be my bridesmaid?

3.     Obviously you’re going to be my bridesmaid (so try and act surprised with I ask).

4.     He’s marrying me, but he’s stuck with US.

5.     Something borrowed, something blue, but most of all, I’ll need you!

6.     I found my mister, but I still need my sister!

7.     Shit just got real.  Will you be my bridesmaid?

8.     They say I’ll need someone to hold my dress up when I have to pee.

9.     Soon you will be my sister…. Until then, will you be my bridesmaid?

10.   Will you be there for me when I lose my shit?

11.   Nope, not doing this without you.

12.   You’ve stood by me through thick and thin, and I need you there when I marry him.

13.   On my wedding day I’m going to need someone to make sure I don’t ugly cry.  That would be you, maid of honor.

14.   You’re like really pretty. Will you try not to look prettier than me on my wedding day? Also, I need you to be my Maid of Honor.

15.   Gurl, please! Obviously you’re going to be my maid of Honor and no that wasn’t a question.

Happy wedding planning!

Planning your Honeymoon

Don’t forget to plan it.

Let’s say you’re planning a normal vacation. You’d probably takes months reading up on the destination, researching flights and hotels, and creating your itinerary. But this no ordinary time in your life—this is your “wedding planning life,” and you are also very busy. But set aside some time to plan your honeymoon, because once you finally pick your head up from planning, you’ll be so glad there’s a relaxing trip on the other side.

It should and will be incredibly special.

Even if you swear all those clichés of couples cuddling at the airport or holding hands while checking into their hotel is so not you two, don’t be surprised if all of a sudden you find yourselves acting just like those other happy couples. You’re celebrating a very big and very happy event—not to mention, you no longer have the stress of planning on your shoulders. Enjoy it!

It may take a day or two to feel relaxed

If you think that it will only take an hour or two of sun and a strong cocktail for you to feel relaxed and focused on each other, you may be surprised. You’ll have so much adrenaline pushing you through the wedding that you may be exhausted or just feel kind of worn out for the first day or so. Be ready to go with the flow, be kind to yourselves and maybe think about pushing that adventurous scuba excursion or hiking to the top of the volcano until later in the trip.

It won’t always be the romantic fantasy.

After you’ve packed the fancy lingerie you got at your bachelorette party and pre-ordered the expensive champagne for your room service, you imagine romance will be in the air all day every day. But sometimes, too much sun, surf or sightseeing can really take its toll, and you can bet that at least one night you’ll just want to do something sort of boring, like watching a TV in bed or a daytime nap then ordering some room service.

Mishaps will probably happen.

On a related note, be prepared for unexpected—and unwelcome—events. Your hotel room might not be as lovely as it looked in the photos, you might miss a connecting flight or you might even get sick, but if you roll with the punches when things go wrong, you’ll be able to enjoy all the amazing things that go right. And keep in mind that most hotels have doctors on call to help and medicine in the gift shop, but pack a few Imodium and Tylenol in your suitcase just in case (it’ll be much cheaper than buying it there).

You won’t want to come back home.

Whether you’ve already been on a bunch of vacations as a couple or this is your first big trip together, coming back from your honeymoon is a quick trip back to the realm of reality (sorry!) and everything you’ve been putting off while you were planning your wedding, like a stack of paper work, filing your taxes or cleaning the garage. Planning your next trip can ease the pain slightly, as can planning a fun date night for the weekend after you’ve returned.