What style of Photo Booth Should I Hire for My Event?

What style of Photo Booth Should I Hire for My Event?

The Photo Booth is fast growing to be the best thing you can add to an event.

A Photo booth is an awesome add on for a wedding, birthday party, corporate or black tie event. It is a nice way to have people remember the event by, and can really bring that special buzz that you are aiming for if you want an event people will be talking about for weeks and months afterwards. The Photo Booth market has grown in a relatively short time. From the basic enclosed pop up tent booth with a simple frame and curtain wrap, to the most elaborate of creative designs which now extend to futuristic designs. The photo booth really has come a long way from the regular passport type photo stations of the past.

The Traditional Photo Booth

Traditional Closed Photo Booth

The first type of photo booth is the traditional. This is the most common photo booth available out there and it’s something that is really similar to what the early automatic photo booth machines looked like. You know the type, the booth’s where you used to get your passport photos printed. They are more like fixed photo booths and usually fully automated. They don’t need much assistance from an attendant because these kinds of booths usually are set out with push buttons that allows the guests to control the whole photo process. This type of booth can be self sufficient with minimal outside help required to run. The downside to this type of booth is that they have become very familiar to most people, and may not generate the level of interest to your guests that you would like.

The Open Air Photo Booth

Open Air Photo Booth

Our second booth type is the open air kind. Which is different from the traditional setup and is not a booth because booths are supposed to be enclosed. While open air ones are just kind of there.  You still have the camera, the lights, and the printer. So all that is really missing would be the walls that enclose the booth. The downside to this is that Photo booth pictures are known for people doing crazy awkward poses. So this may be a slight turn off for people who are not too keen on being seen doing crazy stuff. Although this type is great for events such as company parties since there is no limit to the number of people who can fit into the picture.  As long as they fit in the framing of the backdrop they are good to go.

The open air setup provides more space and freedom to move around and can be a really great style to go with.

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